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All the Dwagons
All the Dwagons
Sculptor and Artist
Anna, United States


All the Dwagons has all the cute dragons! From resin cast figures, necklaces and magnets, to pins, charms, stickers and lanyards of all your favorites! Find the perfect gift for any dragon lover!
I'm Larissa the artist of All the Dwagons! I love drawing and sculpting dragons and have been a convention artist for 5 years!

Shows I'll currently be attending, will update as I hear back from others! Have sold at 65 events so far!
2023 Conventions:
Kami-con (Birmingham) - Feb 10-12th
Kawacon (San Antonio) - Feb 25-26th
Kawaii Kon (Honolulu) - March 28-April 2nd
Anime Detour (Minneapolis) - April 5-7th
MomoCon (Atlanta) - May 25-28th
Anime Expo (Los Angeles) - July 1-4th
Metrocon (Tampa) - 14-16th
Tokyo OK (Tulsa) - July 14-16th
Tekko (Pittsburgh) - July 20-23rd
Anime Matsuri (Houston) - Aug 10-13th
Dragoncon (Atlanta) - Aug 31-Sept 4th

Past Conventions:
2022- Katsucon, Anime Central, Biggest Little Fur Con, A-kon, Anime Expo, Tekko, Animefest, Tokyo OK, Dragon Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kumoricon, Anime Dallas, Holiday Matsuri
2021- Minna Art Market, Dragon Con, Tokyo OK, Biggest Little Fur Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kumoricon, Tekko, Dallas Fan Days, Midwest Furfest, Holiday Matsuri, Ikkicon
2020- MAGfest, Kami-con, Katsucon, Texas Furry Fiesta
2019- MAGfest, Texas Furry Fiesta, Dallas Fan Expo, Anime Central, Sacanime Summer, A-kon, Tokyo in Tulsa, Animefest, San Japan, Dragon Con, Youmacon, Holiday Matsuri, Ikkicon
2018- Texas Furry Fiesta, Mini A-kon, All-con, South Campus Anime Convention, AMPX Con, Fanime, A-kon, Anime Central Texas, Tokyo in Tulsa, Animania Wichita Falls, Animefest, San Japan, Anime Sekai, Realmscon, Nomikai Dallas, Anime North Texas, Ikkicon
2017- Animefest, Anime North Texas